Velda Davino

Categories: Executive Council

Velda Davino is a real estate broker in Chicago, and has been on the Shrine’s Executive Council since 2011.  Velda has a deep love for the Shrine as it is a place of renewal through prayer.  Velda’s commitment to the Shrine comes from a deep dedication to the Shrine and its mission of inspiration.

J. Carl Wachsmann, M.A.

Categories: Staff

Pastoral Associate

Mr. Wachsmann was Called and Commissioned as a Lay Ecclesial Minister by Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., on 7 May 2006 at St. Monica Catholic Church, Chicago. “Lay Ecclesial Ministers are experienced pastoral ministers who have been spiritually formed and theologically educated for collaboration with a supervising [shrine rector] parish pastor… (cf. The Archdiocese of Chicago Directory 2015, pg. G2)”. Mr. Wachsmann currently serves as a Pastoral Associate at The Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii. As of 2015, he is only one of several men whom have been Called and Commissioned as Lay Ecclesial Ministers within The Archdiocese of Chicago.  He can be reached via email or at 312.421.3757 x315.

Fr Richard Fragomeni, Ph.D, Rector of The Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii and J. Carl Wachsmann, Pastoral Associate, May 7, 2006, St Monica Catholic Church.

Craig Reckard, Vito Petruzzelli, Carninal Blasé Cupich, Jeanne Petruzzelli, and Carl Wachsmann at Cardinal’s residence 22 November 2016 as part of Illinois Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums, Nativity Art of the Chicago Archdiocese Collection.

Carl with Cardinal Francis George, O.M.I.

Carl with Cardinal Francis George, O.M.I.

Mary Shimandle

Categories: Staff

Communications Coordinator

Mary joined The Shrine in 2001 after responding to an ad in the Old St. Pat’s bulletin, right after 9/11.  With a background in graphic design, Mary initially used her skills to establish a visual identity for the Shrine.  Today she does most of the advertising, bulletins, Eblasts, newsletters, flyers, invitations, etc., and maintains the database and correspondence.  If it’s in print, there is a 90% chance she has a hand in it.  She can be reached via email or at 312.421.3757 x323


Mary Beth Howard

Categories: Staff

Business Manager

Mary Beth became Business Manager in 2004.  As Business Manager, she oversees the ongoing operation of the Shrine.  “My work at the Shrine allows me to use the management skills I developed from previous careers, which blends well with the Shrine’s mission and, in particular with the expertise and devotion of my co-workers and friends.”  She is an alumnus of the former Our Lady of Pompeii School and lifelong resident of the neighborhood.  “From time to time, at our work, we all need a quiet place to reflect.  God has blessed me, for my place is a pew in the church of the Shrine”.  She can be reached via email or at 312.421.3757 x319

Marcia Piemonte

Categories: Staff

Director of Development / Special Events

Marcia joined the staff in 1999 as business manager and became the Shrine’s  Director of Development and Special Events in September 2004. By chance, Marcia and her husband had attended a Christmas Eve mass at the Shrine which she felt was a wonderful experience. She and her husband have been coming back ever since.  She can be reached via email or at 312.421.3757 x310.