Catharine M. Lentz, JD, MA

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Cathy’s journey as Director of Pilgrimage Ministry for the Shrine has just begun. She brings a legal and liturgical background as well as a deep love for the Shrine, which was her maternal grandmother’s parish even before the current church was built. Besides coordinating the various pilgrimages already offered by the Shrine, Cathy hopes to expand the opportunities to integrate mind, body and soul as we come together as sisters and brothers in the peace of God’s kingdom on earth. Always open to conversation and suggestions, Cathy can be reached at 312-421-3757 ext. 306 or via email at

Scott Tafelski

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Office Assistant

Scott joined the Shrine staff in 2016.  He has been working in a support role, helping with the weekly count, processing credit cards, and building out our new Shrine web site.  Scott first encountered Our Lady of Pompeii in 1977, while a student at UIC and in search for a church to attend mass.  Forty years later, he returned and now loves the energy and warmth of the Shrine community.   He can be reached via email or at 312.421.3757.

Angela Rinaldi

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Financial Assistant

She can be reached via email or at 312.421.3757 x306.

Laura Medina

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Laura Medina started as a volunteer archivist when Carl recruited her after seeing her attend the Wednesday evening mass in 2001.  In 2006, she became the Shrine’s Receptionist/Archivist. If you have any questions about The Shrine, want to register for an event, or you need a mass card, or a membership in our Perpetual Light Society, Laura can help you. As archivist, Laura can provide you with a copy of your baptismal, wedding, or first communion certificate.  She can be reached via email or at 312.421.3757.

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