Christmas Decorations – Thank you!

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Through the Nativity of Our Lord, we welcomed into the world, Jesus, the light of all nations, the light of all generations, the light that overcomes all darkness.

We were able to celebrate our Christmas masses in a wonderfully  decorated and brilliantly illuminated church.

A big ‘Thank you’ to the volunteers who gave up their time and worked so hard to put up and arrange the beautiful decorations.

Chris & Christopher & Joey Butz, picked up & delivered
Rich Panico, donated Christmas trees
Pete Cesaroni
Jim Parenti
Andrew Lisowski
Mike Johannsen
Mario Leggero
Josephin & Sam Rizzo
Anna & Catarina Novotny
Nancy & Charlie Cunov
Jan Gemino
Kathy Murr
Gina & Lionel Battari, La Befana actor/actress
Jenny Fitzpatrick with daughter
Bob & Jan Provenzano
Gary DeLeonardis

Flower Donations

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Christmas flower fund!  Those funds helped to provide the lovely floral arrangements and poinsettias which wonderfully decorated our church.

Mille Grazie‘ to all!