60 Second Reflections

March 28, 2020

Saturday of the Fourth Week of Lent

Truth is defined as “being in accord with fact or reality.” The fact was the men of Judah and citizens of Jerusalem had broken the covenant the Lord made with their ancestors. The reality was these Israelites were serving strange gods and offering sacrifices to Baal, the main deity worshiped by the Canaanites. And Jeremiah told them the truth in no uncertain terms, that the Lord of Hosts decreed misfortune for all who would not observe the terms of the covenant. Still the children of Israel were prospering in their godless ways and so plotted to destroy the one who insisted the Lord was going to punish them. But nothing Is hidden from God and Jeremiah escaped their wicked hands. Nicodemus had been seeking the truth when he began visiting Jesus after he witnessed the signs Jesus had done. He came to him at night because Nicodemus was a Pharisee, likely a member of the Jewish council called the Sanhedrin. The fact was that now his fellow Pharisees and the chief priests were condemning Jesus as deceiving the people and attempting to have him arrested, and ridiculing Nicodemus for defending him. The reality was that the Jewish people were believing Jesus rather than the religious leaders and undermining their ability to maintain superiority and absolute control. But the guards themselves were so struck by the power of Jesus’ words that they did not detain him and Jesus escaped to the Mount of Olives. Today the truth about the pandemic is not an easy one to face. The fact is that the virus is spreading exponentially in our country. The reality is the impact is already devastating, physically, emotionally, financially. But the truth, even as difficult and disturbing as it is, is where we find our God. Attempting to hide from the truth is attempting to hide from the just Judge, the searcher of mind and heart. Because God is with us in the facts and reality that make up our truth. We must continue to entrust to God our cause. We must unite ourselves with each other and with our just God. God saves the upright of heart. Let us never forget that truth. Jer 11:18-20; Ps 7:2-3, 9bc-10, 11-12; Jn 7:40-53

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