60 Second Reflections

February 18, 2020

Tuesday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time 

No wonder the disciples were perplexed. Everyone in first century Palestine knew that only women prepared the bread, and certainly the tetrarch of Galilee and experts in Judaic law were not rolling up their sleeves and plunging their hands into the dough. And then Jesus became so frustrated with them when they assumed he was bemoaning their lack of foresight in packing a lunch that they were even more befuddled. But they should have been aware of how vital leaven was in making bread rise. And they should have known that it was customary to use a small amount of the dough from the previous batch of bread as leaven for the new one so that any foulness from the old dough would permeate the new one, and the one after, and the one after, insidiously spreading far and wide to all who ate loaf after loaf. So maybe they should have been able to determine that this charismatic preacher who spoke so often in parables was warning them about how easy it was for the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and the cruelty of Herod to penetrate their own minds and hearts. They should have understood that Jesus performing not one, but two, miraculous feedings signified clearly that he himself was the bread of life, that his message was the word of truth coming down from the Father of lights. They should have concluded that thinking any other way was the leaven of a previous way of life where they were lured by the powerful and the persuasive. To believe that our own temptations come from anywhere but inside ourselves is to believe in the leaven of self-absorption, fueled by a society that prioritizes material success at any cost. Let us take ownership of our temptations before they mature into sins so that we may receive the good giving and perfect gifts that come only from the Bread of Life, broken and shared with the world. Jas 1:12- 18; Ps 94:12-13a, 14-15, 18-19; Mk 8:14-21

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