60 Second Reflections

July 6, 2020

Monday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

The stories of three females. Three females cherished by God. The first, actually, is really a nation, personified as a wife whose infidelity to her husband did not change how much she was beloved. The nation was Israel, who had strayed from the Lord by worshiping the pagan god Baal. As proclaimed the Prophet Hosea, she will be led back in spirit into the same desert where she had wandered in hardship after the Lord had freed her from slavery to Egypt. For it was in that wandering that Israel had fully committed herself as a nation to the Lord. As a faithful husband to an unfaithful wife, the Lord continued to speak to the heart of Israel to restore that relationship, to receive once again the devotion of the Lord’s beloved people. The second was only a child, the daughter of a father so stricken by her death that he sought what the crowd who had already begun the mourning dirge openly ridiculed, Jesus to bring her back to life. Jesus just taking her by the hand caused her lifeblood to flow again. The third was a woman condemned to be perpetually unclean because she could not stop her flow of blood. A woman permanently marginalized by a condition over which she had no control. Her merely reaching out to Jesus to touch the edges of his cloak in a wordless request for healing was enough to dry up the flow that had afflicted her for twelve years. Three females cherished by God. A nation considered expendable by the powerful dynasties of her time. A little girl who had no worth to anyone but a father who loved her. A woman that society had pushed away as broken and useless. A God who espouses all in justice and in love and in mercy. A God who sees beauty and worth in all, most especially in those that no one else does, beauty and worth that they often do not see in themselves. Let us look in the mirror and see what God sees: someone cherished by that same God, even when we fail to be faithful to that relationship. Because when we see ourselves through the eyes of God, we will see our sisters and brothers the same way. As God sees us all, beautiful and worthy of love. Hos 2:16, 17c-18, 21-22; Ps 145:2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9; Mt 9:18-26

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