The Shrine of our Lady of Pompeii - Santuario Della Beata Vergine Di PompeiShrine Hall Restroom Renovation

September 25, 2017

Dear Friends of the Shrine,

Today, as I write this letter, it is three months until Christmas. It is hard to believe that another season is upon us in just a few short months. Want to know what else is hard to believe? That for Christmas, my wish is to have the hall restrooms updated in time for our Mary & Christmas concert on December 2, 2017 and the Christmas season. If you find that hard to believe, you can imagine my surprise at wanting such a Christmas present!

But, it is true. All I want for Christmas is updated, working fixtures, toilets and sinks for both men and women’s bathrooms. Working HOT water, just imagine it. New, fresh tile that matches.

We hold so many fund raising events in our hall each year to save on the expense of using an outside venue, so a major portion of your support can go toward the ministry of the Shrine. But, you must agree, those restrooms have been in need of attention for a long time coming. And, you have been so polite and understanding.

We have worked with Shrine contacts to get the best quote possible to have the two restrooms completed and the creepy hallway to the men’s room. I am sure there are a few ghosts lurking in that space.

So, for $60,000.00, we can have the work done on both disgusting restrooms and the hallway space.

I’m asking for your help. Would you be able to support this effort with a donation?

I thank our Lady for sending us the miracle of you… and of your support of her mission. Can I count on your generosity for this special appeal?  Any gift you might be able to offer today will be a great blessing and help to bring this urgent effort to a good conclusion by December.  Thank you!

May the Lord bless and keep you.

Wishing you every blessing from God,

Rev. Richard N. Fragomeni, Ph.D.


Please click here to make a donation to the Shrine Hall Restroom Renovation Appeal