Please click on this link to see Mary & Christmas, December 2017.  (Photos courtesy of Lissa Christman).

Please click on this link to see Fest di Tutti i Santi, September 2017.  (Photos courtesy of Jamie Escalante).

Please click on this link to see May Crowning 2017 photos. (Photos courtesy of Tomasina Perry).

Please click on this link to see Festa Repubblica 2017 photos.  (Photos courtesy of Jeff Hixon).

Please click on this link to see The Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii Photos.  There you will see a variety of photos from prior Shrine Cultural, Liturgical and Pilgrimage events; including – Fest Di Tutti I Santi, Walking with Mary Pilgrimage , Mary & Christmas, St. Joseph’s Table, Chain of Hope (9/11 Memorial), Carnavale, Simbang Gabi, La Befana, Piazza Pompeii, Pompeii to Pompeii, Veterans Day Mass, Opera in The Park, and Lost Child Pilgrimage.  (Some photos courtesy of John D’Anca and Mary Shimandle).

You will be linked to The Shrine’s Google photos page, there you will able to scroll through the album, or click on a single photo and you can view them one by one.

We hope these photos provide a glimpse of some of the events held at the Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii, Chicago.

Did you take photos recently at the Shrine?  Piazza Pompei, St. Joseph Table or Lenten Day? Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil or Easter Sunday? Perhaps a Wedding or Baptism? Would you like to share them with us? Send Color photos!  The size limit for images and documents is 5.0 MB  Please be sure to reduce your file sizes.  They might appear in the bulletin, newsletter or website!   Email them to Mary.  Thank you!

Over time we will be adding new photos.  So please check back often to see them.  Thank you.